About the brand

I'm a Fashion Designer hailing from the Eastside of Atlanta

As an Atlanta Native, I grew up idolizing, admiring, and embodying the rich culture of the city. This admiration is woven into my fabric which cultivated my mindset to be entrenched with everything Atlanta. This is how I was able develop the brand name and logo, The 404 Lab. This brand personifies everything Atlanta and its wealthy history and deep culture. I was inspired to develop the primary design for my apparel, which is a simple definition and pronunciation of Atlanta. [At-lan-nuh] Defintion: The city that influences the world. Now this is not the correct spelling of Atlanta, but this is in fact how we as Atlanta Natives ‘Atliens’ articulate our city name. We pronounce Atlanta with a hint of slang, a tad bit of Ebonics, and a thick Georgia accent. This pronunciation embodies the phrase ‘Old Atlanta’ which is the true essence of Atlanta and main focuses of The 404 Lab’s brand.
Atlanta has been transformed by a new wave of creatives that have cultivated a uniquely popular culture. This has fostered an overly lavish and upper-echelon lifestyle to replicate the moguls that travel these Atlanta streets. The popular term ‘New Atlanta’ shaped the framework of the other part of my brand. The 404 Lab offers hand craft beaded jewels on luxury designer sandals and socks to create a uniquely bedazzled and blinged out product. By amplifying these luxury brand products to create more distinct and elaborate pieces, symbolizes the extravagant standard of living in this exclusive city. The 404 Lab by Lo online retail shop is providing uniquely designed products that are capturing the true essence and aura of today’s Atlanta intertwined with the nostalgic Atlanta flair.

Mission Statement

From its many cultural influences, Atlanta has developed its own unique customs. We as Atlanta Natives take pride in providing Southern Hospitality. This concept is not a cliché catchphrase but a way of life. We were raised to be polite, kind, and helpful.
The 404 Lab aims to shape the cultural fabric of Atlanta through courtesy, respect. Each piece of apparel encapsulates the true soul of Atlanta coupled with genuinely hospitable service and witty charm in every customer interaction. We will continue to grow and fulfill our promise of providing that unforgettable customer experience to you.
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